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paul caruana

Caruana Inc. specializes in the high-end design and construction of both commercial and residential properties. With founder Paul Caruana serving as the general contractor and developer, the firm can see all aspects of a project through to completion - whether working with your own designer and architect, or bringing those talents to the project on your behalf. Paul is as comfortable leading a team as he is to be part of one.

In most cases, Paul's involvement brings additional efficiencies to your project. His ability to understand the value of each product or service, as well as how they fit together to form the entire project, is one that is both keen and rare. This skill, refined by years of experience, enables Paul to manage costs in a way that best serves the client and the project. Paul grew up in the real estate and construction arena. His father and uncles were developers on the East Coast, managing projects in New York City, Virginia Beach, and points between. Paul's own construction skills were honed under the guidance of his stepfather who was a craftsman on the West Coast.

After finishing high school, Paul planned to attend college while working part-time in wood flooring, but by the age of 20 he had his own wood flooring business and a work crew he was committed to keeping employed. Between flooring jobs, Paul kept the crew busy by buying properties, renovating them and selling them at a profit. He eventually sold the flooring business to one of his long-time employees and then turned his own interests to developing real estate fulltime.

Caruana Inc., founded in 1990, has earned a sterling reputation for its creativity, style and quality. While the work of Caruana Inc. is concentrated in high-end construction and development, Paul is quick to make a distinction about price perceptions. "What something costs is not what makes it expensive," he said. "Something is expensive when its price exceeds its value."

Caruana Inc. has played a significant role in development of the Pinehurst residential neighborhood in Gearhart, Oregon; the 14th Street corridor in Downtown Astoria, Oregon (including renovation of the Commodore Hotel); and projects like Bside6 in Portland, Oregon.