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Plans and specifications were drawn by the Portland firm of Tourtellote & Hummel and local architect Charles Templeton Diamond. The foundation of the proposed eight-story building had been completed prior to the December 1922 fire and on January 5, 1923, it was announced that the foundation would be rebuilt and construction plans would proceed forthwith. Although the hotel's first guests were signed in on January 1, 1924, formal dedication of the building did not take place until February 22nd. After many years of financial troubles and management problems, the building was closed in 1968. This property was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in November 16, 1979. During 1984-85 the building underwent remodeling, refurbishing and repainting and the newly-named john Jacob Astor Apartments welcomed its first tenant in June of 1986. The building is significant for its rarity of Gothic detailing, quality of design, level of intactness and contribution to the historic streetscape.

November 1st, 2008 Paul Caruana and a business partner purchased the property which occupies a 120' x 250' city block and includes a 44 space landscaped parking lot. Caruana Inc. has played a major role in the design & construction of the eight historic store fronts, the repurposing of the historic & decaying hotel lobby and the recreation of the large decorative metal awnings along Commercial Street and 14th street. The last of the building’s restoration is the painting of the exterior, scheduled for the summer of 2011.