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Survivors of a shipwreck in 1846 carved their names and ship title, Shark, in a rock. The rock was rediscovered in August of 1953, about 100 feet from the sidewalk, while fill was being prepared for Lovell-McCall's new building. A portion of Shark Rock had previously been cut or unearthed in 1926, and placed on a concrete pedestal, by the Kiwanis, at the corner of 8th and Niagra Streets. The rock is now on display in the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Ed McCall and Bob Lovell started their tire business in 1957. The firm joined the Les Schwab Company in 1972. The old tire store location was purchased by Paul Caruana and a business partner in the fall of 2007 and renamed the Shark Rock Commerce Center.

Caruana Inc. performed a complete renovation of the property. The wood and steel beams sand blasted and left exposed in the completed building. A new parking lot, landscaping and fencing were also added. The building is now home to a natural food coop and two other businesses.