1b. The art, trade or work of building: an engineer trained in construction.

- The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.


Paul Caruana built his company, Caruana Inc., from scratch. He was introduced to the industry as a child by his father's work as an East Coast developer, and his stepfather's work as a carpenter. By the age of twenty, Paul had his own work crew and was buying homes to renovate and sell at a profit.

Motivated by his own pride in workmanship, and frustrated by the thought of competing on price with lesser quality projects, Paul soon developed a niche for himself in high-end design and construction.

"What people see of my work reflects directly upon me," Paul explains of his fastidious attention to detail.

And with much of its work situated along the punishing Oregon Coast, Caruana Inc. is as attentive to the parts of the building that you don't see as the ones that you do. Paul notes that to prevent rot and mold, for example, it is just as important to provide water a way out of a structure as it is to prevent it from penetrating the structure in the first place. Buildings are designed and constructed to be water resistant before the siding is ever installed, and weather-facing windows and doors get special treatment to deflect water damage.

Many of the innovations and 'best practices' in place for years at Caruana Inc. have since become part of local building codes.