2. The purposeful or inventive arrangement of parts or details: furniture or simple but elegant design.

- The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.


An eternal student of the design world, Paul Caruana and his team of architects, designers and craftsmen create spaces that people enjoy spending time in, whether it be space for living, working or playing. After visiting a few Caruana projects, you’ll be able to spot the difference. They are so well thought out, so refined, and finished to such high standards; the spaces themselves promote a sense of order and calm.

In addition to high-end design and construction of new residential and commercial properties, one of the specialties of Caruana Inc. is rehabilitation of historic buildings. The company has returned several neglected commercial properties to useful life. The outcome is preservation of the historic fabric of the building, but with liberties taken to promote a sense of timelessness and modern functionality. These projects and the environments they create often become magnets for social and commercial activity. The Commodore Hotel project is a perfect example – it is now home to a boutique hotel, bustling coffee shop and trendy urban clothing store.

"I know what it costs to do something right," Paul says. “You can always find a cheaper bid, but it won’t be the same product.”

Paul's ability to understand the value of each product or service, as well as how they fit together to form the entire project, enables him to manage costs in a way that best serve the client and the project.


bankers balleroom before remodel


bankers ballroom during remodel


bankers ballroom after remodel